9 Goals For 1 Vision

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All support in actualizing these goals is welcomed. We are open to partnerships and collaborations that will help us do more, even more than we originally aspired to.

Zwart Talent – An Origin Story

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Zwart Talent is currently present in Nigeria, the Netherlands, and Nicaragua with partners like ISEF, Donna Knows, Wajenzi, Nicaragua-Verein Oldenburg, Gladiator Academy, and others.

Diversity – More Than A Quota System

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Diversity being just about meeting a quota system would imply that the underrepresented are not good enough for that industry. Time and again, this has been proven to be untrue.

Much Ado About Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

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You can recruit highly skilled talents and senior IT experts from underrepresented groups by visiting Zwart Recruit.  With them, you can join in bridging the current diversity and inclusion gap plaguing the tech industry. 

What Exactly is Reskilling and Upskilling?

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Reskilling is the process of learning new skills so that you can do a different job. It is likely to lead to a career overhaul.
Meanwhile, upskilling is learning new skills that will help you do your job better, enhance performance, and position you as an indispensable employee.

Data Protection, A Myth? × Keep Up With Tech

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Data protection worldwide has become a massive challenge as we can see from almost daily reports of data breaches. These breaches allow hackers to steal customers’ sensitive information, which is in turn sold on the darknet. 

What is the End Product of Education?

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Education today should not be about going to a university for four or five years and getting a certificate that won’t get you a job. Instead, it should be about acquiring skills that will make you employable.

“Family Is Everything” – Dom

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Family is everything, and in this day and age, we have the privilege more than ever to choose our family. Zwart Talent Foundation is choosing you to be a part of its family of high achievers, world-beaters, and community change-makers.
If you want to be a part of this extraordinary family, visit zwarttalent.org/zwart-academy to register today.