Fellow Nigerians, Welcome To The 5G Age

Fellow Nigerians, Welcome To The 5G Age

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Five years after the first introduction of 5G and its first deployment in 2019, the Nigerian federal government has finally approved the commercial introduction of 5G telephony to Nigeria through the National Communication Commission.
Chinese telecom manufacturers Huawei and ZTE have been approved to provide terminals and other customer premises equipment to enable deployment.

Already, MTN Nigeria has successfully trialed the operation of the 5G network in the country, and commercial deployment should begin soon. Considering how competitive Nigerian mobile service providers have been, it should be expected that other service providers will already have plans in work not to be caught out by MTN.

Major cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Ibadan, Kano, and Jos are likely to be among the first users of 5G in Nigeria. It will take a couple of years for full 5G penetration in Nigeria, but most state capitals and urban centers will prioritize the service rollout.

As of August 2021, the 5G network is only commercially available in two out of fifty-four African countries. South Africa and Kenya.
Eighteen other African countries, including Gabon and Uganda, have already trialed the 5G connection. Industry optimists can only hope it gets adopted and deployed sooner rather than later in these eighteen and even more countries.

While 3G provides internet speed of up to 2Mbps, 4G averaged 50Mbps and peaked at 1Gbps. With 5G, the average speed is expected to be 400Mbps, and peak speed should be 10Gbps.
The difference in use for the average consumer will mean you spend more time deciding what movie to watch than downloading the HD or Ultra HD version of the movie.

It will also mean you can send a heavy file to whichever destination faster than ever—less interruption, no time out, no refresh needed.
How far we have come from the days of dial-up internet. The next generation of African tech enthusiasts will know no speed limit. Whatever they imagine, they can achieve thanks to 5G.

With this advancement in technology, Nigerian tech engineers and developers will no longer be hamstrung with bandwidth restrictions. They can explore, upload, download, and design without fear of size or speed limitations.
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With the Nigerian tech industry about to step into the next stage in its evolution thanks to 5G, Zwart Academy is preparing the next generation of African tech talents with the skills required to function and prosper in the global tech market.
Starting with cybersecurity, Zwart Academy provides practical training under the tutelage of accomplished senior practitioners.

With one year of internship to follow six months of training, our students will get a soft landing into the job market. They will immediately start to gain work experience and build their portfolios.
Soon enough, they will be working with tech companies around the world thanks to Zwart Recruit or building their innovative solutions to local or global problems with help from Zwart Hub.
Visit ZwartTalent.org/zwart-academy to find out how you can participate in this training and begin your tech career today.

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